quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Novo vídeo da banda Noctem: "The Arrival of the False Gods"

O primeiro vídeo extraído do álbum “Oblivion” da banda Noctem está disponível.

Eis algumas palavras da banda a respeito:

"A lot of people is wondering about how is a Noctem's live performance, for that reason we wanted to reflex it in the firstvideo for Oblivion.

'The arrival of the false gods' is the elected track, with no doubt one of the hardest and fastest songs we ever created, 240 bpm blast beats and double kick, sharp guitar riffs, impervious bass lines and wild and ravenous vocal lines; so it was perfect to represent the energy and chaos that the band spreads on stage.

We're constantly thinking about different ways to give something new to our fans and this was the perfect situation to show to the metal world what Noctem does on live."

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